The Zonix Client Anti-Cheat
We have removed the client-sided anti-cheat (ZAC) from Zonix Client. ZAC was clearly a rushed project, and it should have never been released if it wasn't ready. For now we will focus on developing other aspects of the client such as the design, mod manager, profile system, and friend system. Once we are sure ZAC is ready for all players to use without issue, we will release it. Your client will automatically update, so no need to re-download the launcher. Thanks for understanding.
Fix keystrokes, add scaling, add option to remove background blur , fix FPS and bring back the fast render option in optifine (make it where you can only enable it if background blur is off)
Take off blur, add fading options for keystrokes, Add motionblur mod or make motionblur usuable, add cooldowns mod and add the fast render optifine
You gotta fix the scoreboard. it moves closer and closer to the middle of my screen every fight.
I look forward to seeing the finished product.
Where did Joe go?
I think joe got demoted as he's not on the staff team list and in his latest post he is the zonix rank.
Make it so we can put the scoreboard against the side of the screen. It kinda bugs me.
fix the togglesprint and make it so you can change the color the same problem is with some other mods the blur needs to go the fps IS A MUST just no add the clear glass mod and the pack organizer and thats it for now
Why my fps is low, when i use the zonix client?
Add Crosshair Mod , add Texture pack mod and make a launcher instead of Minecraft launching instantly

Thx <3
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