Zonix Client 1.1.1 Hotfix
I have released a hotfix update for the client. This will require you to re-download the launcher: https://www.zonix.us/client/download In this update, we have fixed the crashing and assets issues. The launcher will be somewhat slower when opening because it needs to download the required JRE, so please be patient.
I did not need to redownload :)
I can download it ?? Or is for whitelist players ?
It's public.
:)) ok
The FPS boost didn't quite boost my FPS, It lowered it for some reason..
ummm just downloaded the client i tried to join zonix - http://prntscr.com/j2rhlc
Always getting a JNU error and also JavaScript errors. I can't even launch rn. HELP!
timechanger won't change time
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