We are finally ready to release a new exciting client update. The main features of this update are the anti-cheat and new launcher. [b]The old launcher will no longer work. Please download the new update from here:[/b] https://www.zonix.us/client/download The new launcher is a complete re-write. We have decided to ditch the GUI as we find it useless. When you first run the client, a progress bar will display, detailing the download status of required libraries and natives. Once all files are downloaded, the client will launch. If you are not currently whitelisted, you will still not be able to run the client as we still have to test the anti-cheat side of the client before releasing to the public. The anti-cheat has been implemented for our network only (for now). When you first connect to our network, the anti-cheat will be loaded into your system and will run in the background until the client is closed. Attempting to cheat on the client will ban you from the server and the client. We will soon be implementing the client queue on our practice servers. The client queue will match you with players that are currently running Zonix Client. This ensures that you are competing in a cheater-free environment. If you have any issues, please contact us immediately. Thanks!