Still no change after a week. (Hosting provider issues) This problem has not been patched at all. Velt has been able to fix it however. Other than that I still get unplayable latency to zonix and faithful.
Right now, no one is having that problem. Is it maybe is an issue on your side?
Honestly, I do not know. It doesn't feel like it's my fault or looking at what's happened it doesn't seem like it but it's weird that no one else is having this issue so maybe. I already brought it up to several people and they said they were dealing with lag, and it was even confirmed by a staff member but I saw no change. So i'm not sure if they were experiencing something different. Anyways I used to get 20 ping on this server. So unless servers were moved then I don't know why my ping spiked up. To my knowledge I've done nothing to trigger my latency to change. So I would assume it would be on the other end.
At the moment for myself and other fellow friends/players as a whole, we are not facing this issue currently. If you are still facing this problem it is a concern and I as a Moderator can only recommend you to come into TeamSpeak ( and wait about this issue as you will be able to receive the proper assistance you need, from someone who is able to resolve your issue.
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