Zonix Client 1.2
We have released a new client and launcher update (1.2). Download the new launcher here: https://www.zonix.us/client/ Client Changes • Main menu re-design • Multiplayer menu re-design • Mod settings menu re-design • Escape menu re-design • Added "Menu Blur" option to FPSBoost module - disables inventory blur • Added "Foreground pressed" option to Keystrokes module • Re-enabled server list auto-refresh Launcher Changes • Fixed invalid sessions - profile gets refreshed with mojang before game starts • Added experimental vm options and MojangTricksIntel fix (should improve performance for Intel CPUs)
The client is still not working...
Does it auto update
it auto updates?
Fix resolution scaling!
does it work with old minecraft launchers now?
Why are you no Developer? Joe?
adicionem o custom crosshair mod e tambem o tcp no delay e tambem criem um launcher novo!
ur my dad
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