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EU Staff Recruitment
by Trey, April 23, 2018
Hey how is it going you guys! We are currently looking specifically for a new influx of EU Staff members to recruit to our team. If you have a few hours spare time between the hours of 4:00pm - 12:00am GMT (as well as other times), please feel free to create a staff application. We are aware of a bug where you cannot resubmit a staff application if you have already created one or submitted one when our applications were closed. If this happens to be the case please join our Teamspeak @ ts.zonix.us and join the "EU Staff Recruitment Waiting Room." Response times will vary but, I will try my best to get to each and every single one of you. If your staff application is not responded to within 2-3 weeks you can assume the positions were filled. Thank you and good luck, I am looking forward to the newest additions to our staff team.
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Zonix Client 1.2
by joeleoli, April 18, 2018
We have released a new client and launcher update (1.2). Download the new launcher here: https://www.zonix.us/client/ Client Changes • Main menu re-design • Multiplayer menu re-design • Mod settings menu re-design • Escape menu re-design • Added "Menu Blur" option to FPSBoost module - disables inventory blur • Added "Foreground pressed" option to Keystrokes module • Re-enabled server list auto-refresh Launcher Changes • Fixed invalid sessions - profile gets refreshed with mojang before game starts • Added experimental vm options and MojangTricksIntel fix (should improve performance for Intel CPUs)
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The Zonix Client Anti-Cheat
by Revrtz, April 14, 2018
We have removed the client-sided anti-cheat (ZAC) from Zonix Client. ZAC was clearly a rushed project, and it should have never been released if it wasn't ready. For now we will focus on developing other aspects of the client such as the design, mod manager, profile system, and friend system. Once we are sure ZAC is ready for all players to use without issue, we will release it. Your client will automatically update, so no need to re-download the launcher. Thanks for understanding.
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Network Maintenance
by Revrtz, April 14, 2018
The server will be going into maintenance on [b]4/14/2018[/b] at [b]3:00 AM EST[/b]. We will be preparing for Season 3 and several new gamemodes. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Zonix Client 1.1.1 Hotfix
by joeleoli, April 09, 2018
I have released a hotfix update for the client. This will require you to re-download the launcher: https://www.zonix.us/client/download In this update, we have fixed the crashing and assets issues. The launcher will be somewhat slower when opening because it needs to download the required JRE, so please be patient.
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