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Zonix is a friendly enviroment that welcomes all types of players. If it may be from staff, or our players; the Management Team here at Zonix want nothing more but the pleasure of our players. From a day-to-day basis, we at the Zonix Team ensure that YOU the player has nothing but an enjoyable experience from playing our Network. The Zonix Network has a huge community with a variety of gamemodes built into one; we take all opinons into account and consider it upon time for. Not only this, but Zonix also maintains a high variety of players who gain joy from other gamemodes; furthermore, Zonix expands to other major innovative ideas that we believe will find the average player satiable.

If you have any questions, our daily hard-working staff team are here to support you on a multitude of platforms. The best way to get in contact with a staff member would be on Teamspeak (ts.zonix.us). You may also contact us on our Reddit by sending in a Moderator-Mail (reddit.com/r/zonix). We primarily focus on Reddit to find new ideas by the community to implement on our Network. If you wish to support our server and what we do here, you may donate at store.zonix.us. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy your stay here!